My school ( Descriptive essay )

January 27th, 2010

   School is a place where you study and that’s all, but for me In my school I have 3 things that is importent for me is education, friends, and teachers, these are what I think is importent in my school and I’m going to tell you the details that why

     First is education, people like to say that you study good or not is because of you but that is just half reason the real reson is the education that the school can gives you. My school is a big and have all the good subjects and program in my school , and i’m sure that my school gives the education for me very good because after i studied this school i felt that my language is better and every things is better and it make me feel happy, but if you got a bad school you think can you get better like if they don’t have money to fine good teacher for you and to give you more education for you can you get better ofcourse not sothis is my first thing that is importent.

  The seconed is friend, belive me that no one on the world can’t live without friend, my school have alot of ggod people, ofcourse every where have good and bad people but i’m lucky that i got a good class and got good friend.By having good friends it will help us more study good because have people to help us have people play with us and it make us happy , but what about if i got bad friend what will happend, I don’t want to think about that, and now i have got the best friend in the world in my school so this is the seconed thing that I think is importent for me.

  the last one is Teacher, If we don’t get a good teacher can we study well ofcourse not , but my school we have all the good teachers especually in EP program we have got all good teachers, and they tech me very good, when i’m in the class teacher  teach us and I enjoy my class very much because my English teacher is very kined and good so this is the thired reason that is improtent for me in my school.

  to sumerize what i said in my school threr importent things are education, friends, and teachers all is importent for me if i lose one of it I don’t know that I still can study in here or not.